Hard to Believe it was a year ago... It's the Anniversary of our Grand Opening!

It's our Birthday!!

Dear Friends,

Just a year ago we were preparing for our Grand Opening party. We had arranged all the flowers, baked all the cookies, stocked the store with goodies and waited for you all to arrive. It was the most successful day we had to that point and we were greeted with an outpouring of love and welcoming words from businesses and residents alike. Flash-forward to this year in preparation for this Saturday, we are preparing in similar ways (this year there’s CAKE!), but we have nearly doubled in size (and inventory!), and while we’re thankful that we are still being discovered, we are thrilled with the relationships we’ve built with those of you that keep coming back. We have found our niche in being the best home store you want to live in and strive every day to make it so. And with feedback like, “I feel like I’m on vacation when I’m here,” that makes our hearts burst; we think we’re on to something. We will continue to provide you with unique and beautiful home décor in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with the expertise and friendly helping hand you’ve come to know. 

When reflecting back on our time in the store so far, it all comes back to you- our customer. You continue to come in and we have gotten to know you, your families and those you buy gifts for. It is you that inspires purchases on our end and motivates the new ways we style and decorate the store. You have become favored guests in our home away from home and to show you our gratitude we are rolling out our Customer Appreciation Program, fondly named “The Guest List.” This program will allow you to accrue points on purchases, use perks associated with those points and access to discounts and sporadic tokens of our appreciation.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and celebrating this wonderful year while looking forward to many more to come. We’ll be open from 10am to 5pm and there will be gifts, giveaways and CAKE!

P.S. Our furniture sale for the 4thof July has also been extended through the weekend. So if you’ve been eyeing that pretty console or the gorgeous dining table in the store, now’s your chance!

Many thanks, The White Oak Home Team

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