Our New Home Tips 🏡💕 (and housewarming gift ideas)

Buying, selling or know someone who is? A new home is an exciting venture. Whether it’s yours or that of someone you love, we’ve collected a few tips for the process:

Buying or Selling: Making the decision to buy or sell a home is a big one and comes with so many to-dos that it can become quite daunting. Either process is an exciting one and the best advice we’ve heard: Go to the Experts. Through word of mouth, social media or your search bar- find the right realtor to help guide you and the process will be much more enjoyable. As Bergen County realtor Bob Dzienis says, “When interviewing agents find one you feel you trust and will truly have your best interests at heart. They have a fiduciary responsibility to you as a buyer when you engage them, submit an offer, and negotiate to close.” If you find yourself entering this process, or know someone who is, Bob has passed along another great reference to help:


Moving Time: Congrats! It may feel overwhelming now, but you can do this! Eventually, you will be settled and be able to enjoy your new home and feel the payoff of hard decisions, late nights and general confusion. In this phase- get help wherever you can- friends/family to take the kids while you (un)pack, or to come over and unbox things while you binge Netflix over pizza, take what you can get! And beyond that, consider hiring people for tasks that you can outsource- sometimes the time saved is worth the dollar spent. As for the process itself, organization is the name of the game. It is a tough game to win, but with some planning you can save yourself a bit of the inevitable headache that comes with moving. The key is making sure all players know the game plan. Get all your helpers on the same page with your strategy- whether it be colored stickers, box destinations written in marker or a general landing zone. Then, just try to keep it all in perspective… you will get through!

Congratulating (housewarming gifts): As with most gift giving, it is dependent on your relationship. How well do you know them? Are you able to think of something based on their tastes and style? Or do you want to stick to something traditional that  people generally use or need? (kitchen accessories, glassware, candles, or service ware) If you are completely unsure, a gift card to a home décor store is a great option that new homeowners love. Pair it with some takeout menus from their new neighborhood’s best restaurants and they are set! Because how hard is it to cook while you’re still getting settled?! We are happy to help you with any and all of these options in the shop. For someone who could use some support (and a great closing gift) you can provide an in-home consultation for their new space. Sometimes it’s all a new homeowner needs to get the ball rolling on a project- or series of them! Whether for styling services, closet design or landscaping- a little one on one time with an expert can help take a load off of a new homeowner and see options they hadn’t yet considered.

Happy hunting, happy packing and happy housewarming!!

Our go-tos...

Connect with Bob for for more great tips and help with any of your realty needs. Working in Bergen County with Pascack Valley as his specialty, Bob is a great resource that we are happy to share with you!

And if you're like us and like to look at pretty houses AND smile and laugh... check out his Instagram @bergenrealtorbob

Booking (or gifting) an in-home consultation with 109 Design House includes one on one time in the home followed up with a vision board summarizing the ideas for your new space. The perfect option to get the decor ball rolling!

Book here.

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