Spotlight on: Our Candles from Finding Home Farms

If you’ve visited us in the shop you have most likely noticed the delicious smell that wafts through the air and wraps you up like a gentle hug. That feeling comes from our candles, brought to us by Finding Home Farms. They are awesome, amazing, local and we love them! Here’s a bit about them that we like to share in the store: They are located up in Middletown, New York just a short drive away, and you can actually visit their sugar house! They have beautiful events there and visiting hours (listed on their website). They are a lovely couple who have really set the bar on all of their products. We carry their maple syrups, jams, pancake mix, scent sachets and of course, CANDLES. The candles are out of this world. 100% soy and a cotton wick make them clean burning and the scents are so well done that you will wonder why you ever went without. Currently in the shop we have the Peach burning… and it is mouthwatering good, as many of you have noted. One of our favorite customers recently shared a new use for her candles… a car freshener! Leave it in the cup holder with the top open and let the aroma fill the car. (The wax will melt, so her tip was to close it up when you are driving.) Love it! Another favorite of ours for this purpose is their scent sachets. These can be opened up and popped right under the seat as the perfect air freshener. They last a super long time and you can just shake up the corn (that’s what holds the scent) to get the oils flowing again. Which one is your favorite? We have our favorites in the shop, but it’s hard to choose just one… so we don’t! Our latest rotation has been Peach, Sea Sage, Lavender and Sea Salt & Juniper. And with pumpkin time coming we’ll be getting those yummy fall scents in soon enough!

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