What's Happening: Dorm Room Decor

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

What have we been noticing in the store lately? Shopping for dorm room décor. That's right... it's coming. Those heading off to college are coming in with friends to see what could go where and their families are coming in to pick up items to send them off with. Since it's happening more and more, we thought it was the perfect time to share a few dorm décor tips.

These can help to make a dorm room feel more personalized (which is the exact opposite of what it is designed for!):

1. Think outside the box. If furniture is not permanently placed, switching up the arrangement can be a game changer. Moving the bed, desk, or chairs around makes a huge difference. Things can be set at angles, or placed back to back to save space and provide ease of use beyond it’s existing set up.

2. Lighting is huge! Lighting can drastically affect the feel of a space. Only have fluorescent overhead lighting? Get an easy floor lamp with a warm white glow that will feel much more tranquil and inviting. Add small lamps or directional lighting to help illuminate workspaces and you can save yourself from the harsh glare!

3. Items that work double time. Efficiency.  A table that folds down and doubles for wall art- or a shelf? Score.  Rolling carts/side tables are an easy addition that provide flexibility and have a small footprint for tight spaces. 

*Our current dorm faves in the shop:

Rolled wall hangings- canvas or paper, they’re easy to move, easy to hang (we use command strips) and provide instant ambience to a space 

Finding Home Farms scent sachets- most dorms are no candle zones, but with these sachets there’s no missing out on the homey scents you love

Note rolls- these are great all around, but huge for dorm rooms. Super practical and they look cool… you can’t go wrong

Duke Cannon and 109 Naturals (Personal care products)- items they most certainly will need but in fabulous scents and great packaging, it’s a little luxury from home to bring with (and 109 Naturals are actually from home- right here in Westwood!)

Small accessories- something as simple as a vase and some faux daisies can be a special touch in a new home away from home. Small and easy to incorporate, little touches make a big impression

For those of you heading off... happy nesting! We'll see you in the shop!

Got any dorm tips we can pass along? How do/did you make a space made for the masses, feel made just for you? 

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