What says summer? Lemons say summer.

Lemons and summer just go together, right? And as we see more of this bright citrus it’s got us gearing up for all things summer over here at White Oak Home. Here are our top 3 favorite ways to see these yellow beauties right now:

On our outdoor entertaining accessories: Plates, napkins, tea towels- give us all of it!

That classic blue, yellow and white color scheme says clean, bright and sunny- which are summer entertaining goals if we ever heard them! Our current favorite? Lemony melamine plates. Durable enough for outside, but pretty enough to earn a spot at the dining table. Another easy way to incorporate this summer trend is using tea towels to line baskets, as pops of color on the table or in the kitchen and don’t forget the easiest of all… a bowl of real ones!

Fresh lemonade! Try it with a spoonful of farmers market jam, or if you are more of an herbal lover shake it up with some fresh mint or rosemary. Feeling bold? Try Cilantro Lemonade with a dash of Cayenne Pepper to kick it up a notch. Better yet? Throw it into your shaker with your favorite spirit and turn these into a delicious deck worthy cocktail.

On the nose: The smell of lemons instantly brightens your day! It is a fresh, cleansing and invigorating scent that gives an immediate boost. Known for helping increase energy and concentration, improve mood and refresh the mind- who wouldn’t want to smell some lemons?! We love best it in our Summer Citrus and Lemon Verbena candles. Don’t take our word for it, come on by for a visit and you’ll get your own insta boost from the one we keep lit :)

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