The Guest List: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Earning Progress

What is The Guest List?

The Guest List is White Oak Home's Customer Appreciation program that rewards customers for shopping and spending at White Oak Home. Simply register, supply your registered phone number at time of purchase, and automatically earn progress toward rewards whenever you purchase eligible White Oak Home shopping products. White Oak Home Rewards members are also eligible to receive special rewards and invitation-only access to events and activities.

How do I earn progress toward my reward?

To earn progress toward your reward, provide your phone number at time of purchase of any eligible White Oak Home products and your purchase will be automatically added to your account. You will receive 1 point for every $1 spent. Once you earn 200 points you will receive a $10 reward towards a future purchase. If you fail to provide you phone number at time of purchase, you will not earn progress toward your reward. Note too that when you make a purchase at a White Oak Home via our iPhone or iPad checkout counter, as well as through our online store, you will not receive progress.

What purchases earn me points?

Purchases of qualifying products made in-store, at our non-mobile register (i.e. not on an iPad or iPhone) will earn you points. Don’t forget to provide your phone number at the time of checkout. Qualifying products exclude services, product purchased as part of design services, discounted or final sale inventory, shipping costs or sales tax. Other exclusions may apply.


Why didn't I earn progress for my purchase?

If you did not provide your phone number, purchase eligible products, or checkout at our non-mobile register, you will not earn progress toward your reward. You also do not earn points for purchasing gift cards.

How many rewards can I earn per purchase?

You can earn unlimited rewards per eligible transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions - Redeeming Rewards

How do I receive rewards?

Any points you have earned will appear on your White Oak Home receipt. If you would like to know your current points balance please check with an in-store sales person, email your inquiry to, or check you latest receipt. Rewards will automatically be available once your point threshold has been reached and will be reflected on your latest receipt. An active reward will be applied to the next eligible purchase that you make at White Oak Home (check the reward for any restrictions).


Does my reward expire?

Most rewards expire 90 days after the date you receive them. You may also receive rewards that expire at an earlier or different date. Please read the fine print on the rewards for the expiration date when you receive them. Once a reward expires, you will not be able to use it.


Please note, points do not expire.

Can I use multiple rewards at once?

You can only redeem one reward per purchase. If you have multiple rewards activated, they cannot be combined for a single purchase.


I redeemed a reward, where will I see my discount?

An active reward will be applied to your purchase at our non-mobile register and will appear as a discount on the receipt.


Frequently Asked Questions - Privacy & Security

Do you share my personal information?

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more details on how we use and disclose information we collect through The Guest List.


Do you store my credit card information?

White Oak Home does not store your credit card information.

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